Silicon Valley in the Age of Air: What Do You Value, Freedom or Stability?

If you feel like there’s an important change in the air, you’re not alone. Astrology has a name for what you’re feeling. It’s called the Age of Air.

You may be familiar with the Age of Aquarius, which has been popular with the woo-woo crowd. The Age of Air isn’t that.

Astrologers say that in December 2020, we were ushered from the old age of earth into the new Age of Air.

During the age of earth, conflicts were predominantly about resources. Who would have resources, and who wouldn’t? Would resources be governed by capitalism, communism, or empire?

Until now, internet technology companies have been anything but airy.

Silicon Valley internet giants have been infamous for their requirements that employees be in the same physical office at all times, while smaller startups in San Francisco have required employees to practically live together in the name of “company culture.”

In the Age of Air, Google’s home is everywhere.

Google has been in the news recently for their decision to extend the freedom to work remotely to their employees indefinitely.

Astrology of Google: Home vs. Cross-Cultural Experience

Google’s two biggest influences are its Mercury chart ruler in Virgo conjunct the IC and its sect light moon in 9th house Pisces Moon conjunct the MC.

Liberation from Venture Capital: Google’s First Uranus Square

Uranus is in Taurus in Google’s 11th house. Uranus in Taurus is revolutionizing how we relate to physical space in a way that promotes individuality. Google is expressing this by making a decision that allows its community (11th house) to work in the physical environment (Taurus) where they work best (Uranus), recognizing that different people work better in different environments.

What Will This Mean for the Future?

That’s on Google.



Ada Pembroke is an astrologer from Portland, Oregon.

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